Load Cells

OWL-100 Force Measuring Bearings

OWL-100 series force sensors combine bearing point and measuring sensor. High precision and durability are key features of these compact measuring bearings. They are used for the direct measurement of tensile force in the manufacture and further processing of web-like materials, e.g. paper, foil, film, textiles, non-wovens, etc. Various sizes and nominal force ranges cover a very broad spectrum of different applications at machines for cutting, winding, printing, coating, etc.

Data sheet: OWL-100 Force Measuring Bearing (PDF)
3D drawings available at: info@we-ma-co.de

OWL-200 Load Cells

OWL-200 load cells are among the latest developments for the web processing industry. They are used at guide rollers with "dead-shaft" construction. Overload stops and a stainless steel construction ensure maximum durability. Load ranges between 25 N and 5000 N as well as different mounting types and sizes are available.

Data sheet: OWL-200 Load Cell (PDF) 
Video: OWL-200P Load Cell 
Video: OWL-200C Compact Load Cell for confined installation conditions 
3D drawings available at: info@we-ma-co.de

OWL-200R Load Cells for the measurement of wire, tape and narrow web -tension

This special variant is particularly suitable for the measurement of rope, cable, wire, tape and narrow web -tension.
The rotating part can be individually designed. 
This variant is also available in different sizes and load ranges.

Data sheet: OWL-200 Load Cell (PDF) 
Video: OWL-200R Load Cell 
Data sheets and 3D drawings are available at: info@we-ma-co.de

OWL-300 Load Cells

Designed as compact measuring block, these load cells are ideal for mounting diverse pedestal bearings. Load ranges between 100 N and 50000 N as well as different sizes and mounting types are available. Different versions in aluminium and stainless steel are available. The OWL-300 types are extremely rugged and highly resistant to dirt and moisture.

Data sheet: OWL-300 Load Cell (PDF) 
Video: OWL-300 Load Cell 
3D drawings available at: info@we-ma-co.de